Emi Koussi volcano in northern Chad
The Emi Koussi volcano in northern Chad, recorded by the Copernicus satellite Sentinel-2B, is reminiscent of an artist's palette.

Emi Koussi, a shield volcano at the southeastern end of the Tibesti Mountains, rises above the surrounding sandstone plains of the central Sahara. The mountain was formed from relatively low viscosity lavas, but mostly by highly explosive Plinian eruptions. Plinian/Vesuvian eruptions are marked by columns of volcanic debris and hot gases ejected high into the Earth's stratosphere.
Image: ESA


Hello World :) Get well soon!

The Heart Breaking News
Earth west
Image: jpl.nasa

Earth will bite the dust if we do not stop feeding the planet with greenhouse gases.

Biodiversity Crisis
Scientists have calculated that by the end of this century at least 550 animal species will follow in the footsteps of the mammoth and the sabre-toothed cat and will become extinct because humans exert an immense predatory impact on the animal kingdom. (Science Advances)

Why is it that people with darker skin color are still victims of racial discrimination, harassment, and violent attacks?

This (incomplete) list of black musicians, singers, and songwriters is intended to remind us how much they have influenced the fabric of our global culture. Behind each link below is a song of each artist, so, put on your headphones, ignore the commercials, and listen to a cross-section of the best what pop music has to offer. Be prepared for a time travel that spans more than 60 years.

BLM Singer Erykah Badu
Erykah Badu
Image: Erykah Badu: Tyrone

Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker, Shirley Bassey, Gloria Gaynor, The Temptations, Percy Sledge, Marsha Hunt, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, The Commodores, Rose Royce, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, LL Cool J, The Fifth Dimension, Run-D.M.C., Donna Summer, Bill Withers, Otis Redding, The Four Tops, The Supremes, Grandmaster Flash, Ray Charles, Alicia Keys, Dionne Warwick, Wilson Pickett, Jimi Hendrix, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Prince, Ice-T, The Sugarhill Gang, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Beyoncé, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, B.B King, Salt-N-Pepa, Bob Marley, Duke Ellington, Diana Ross, Jay Z, 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre, Earth, Wind & Fire, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Grace Jones, Georges Benson, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau, Lisa Simone, Eartha Kitt, Snoop Dogg, George Duke, Kid Creole, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Patti LaBelle, Daft Punk, George Benson, The Pointer Sisters, Usher, Mahalia Jackson, Sade, Sammy Davis Jr., Tracy Chapman, Pharrell Williams, Wynton Marsalis, MC Hammer, Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Anita Baker, Randy Crawford, Donny Hathaway, The Crusaders,
Four Women: Lisa Simone, Dianne Reeves, Lizz Wright, Angélique Kidjo.

Soul Deep 1 - Ray Charles and the Birth of Soul
Young blind Ray learned to read music by Braille.

Eartha Kitt Said Black Lives Matter in 1968

No matter no matter what color, you are still my brother (Sade)

DT What's on the man's mind?What's on the man's mind?
Image: ? kk nationsonline.org

2020 Rehablican National Convention
We were all very excited about the 2020 Rehablican National Convention (RNC). An entertaining comedy show for the whole family full of abusive language, just like at home. It was a fireworks display of lies, false accusations, hypocrisy, and scaremongering, so funny, tears stuck in one's throat.
The fictional show has been described as follows.

The show's main characters were the usual creatures of folly, a foolish, greedy, ruthless gang without principles playing with weapons of mass destruction and ruin the environment from the safety of their lavish homes; you just have to like them.

There is Donald, a quack-in-training and wannabe emperor, who dreams of dominating the world. Along comes his sidekick Mike. Mike plays the thankless role of a pious Mickey Mouse pence of no value, who secretly visits Creationist parties without his wife. You will double over in laughter!

Other main characters were rolly-polly JJ Jordan, wrestling for attention as the emperor's manic pit bull; Dollar Scalise, the whip, in his role as the rich scion of an American mobster family. The sinking comet Nike Haley has played Poca Hanta, a double-tongued American Indian voice (the other Indians).
Other roles included Ronna McDonal as a hot luscious fake burger attending a tea party; Tim, the Scott, and Venom Jones staged as the funny BLM poster boys. Mother Molenia, ex-model, housewife, and wife of the wanna-be emperor, had brought a homemade speech, spiced with a little Balkan accent. How nice!

And then came the grand entrance of the wannabe emperor's son (the future heir to the throne; he has acquired a lisp for the role). He told everyone the same silly nonsense as his father, but the incredibly thing was, when it came to counting, he still uses his fingers. Hilarious, and all the TV viewers tried to imitate him, can you imagine, thousands of people wiggling their fingers counting?

It's getting better, the emperor's son's girlfriend, you know, the one with the big bust, was standing on the stage, yelling something into the void of the huge empty congress hall and was furiously flailing with her arms as if she must chase away wolves. But there was nobody. In the vast space of the room were only some fools in comical costumes, cheering and clapping and staring at her boobs. A burst of resounding laughter followed her performance.

Many others were seen in supporting roles. There was Iuanka, as the drunken slut, Malt G?tz, played with his Florida panhandle, Kevin McArthy played Home Alone, and Rudy Giuliatine showed juridiculous stop-and-frisk acrobatics.

Mytch McDonnal invited guests to McDonnalland for a party with H?mburglar and Crimeace, and Pompous Pompeus, the former CIA chief-of-stuffed, was demonstrating waterboarding, Roman-style, at a secret location in the Holy Land. Can this get any better? Wait!

There were many other participants at the congress, such as the singing and dancing members of the White Lie Movement (WH-LIMO) and several serious scientists from ACT, the Applied Conspiracy Theory.
We don't know if members of the Kuckoos Klan were invited, although masks are part of their standard garb.

Anyhow, one of the highlights of the show was MAGA, the Magician. For starters, he showed how to break the law multiple times without hands -- and without getting caught. At the end of his show, he made a virus the size of a country disappear before the eyes of astonished spectators. What an event.
The people of that country hung fascinated in front of their television sets to watch the show on Pay-TV - Only on FUKS News, as always. The US television station FUKS News has reported live from the show every day for 24 hours - if they had time between printing money in the basement and raucous penthouse parties.

The absolute highlight of the show was the speech of the emperor 2B. He acted very convincingly like a really disgusting hypocrite. Most amusing. With a sickly-sweet voice, he preached to the sinners in the Rose Garden of the People's House how the world will fall apart totally if he is not elected for life. Between his sermon, there were standing ovations from the rapt listeners, really touching. Too bad that the convention is already over. We hope that Dizzney or Uniwersall will buy the rights and open an amusement park, and we can see the show again and again. Or much better, they make a LECO Movie from the story, that would be very educational for the children.
Disclaimer: Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

We have heard that thanks to its supreme leader, the US is still number one in the world with the most Corona-19 cases. There are now 6 million people ill with the disease. 1,000 Americans loose their life every day, which corresponds to fatal plane crashes of two fully occupied Boeing 747s -- daily, only not so spectacular.

DT the liar in Washington DC

The liar [NYT] and the Bible in front of St. John's Episcopal Church, Washington DC, on 1 June 2020 (for a wonder that the book did not miraculously inflame itself

The president demonstrated total domination with a bible in his hand. But it was the federal police in riot gear who first had to clear the way for the craven commander-in-chief from the largely peaceful demonstrators.

We do not know how much the Evangelical voters of America were impressed by the bigoted stunt; however, for centuries, the sermon goes that GOD often uses "flawed people" to achieve righteous goals. But we believe GOD wasn't thinking about a wall between two nations with a mainly Christian population.

So the question is, what does GOD want to achieve? Does HE intend to punish the children of God, and the former host of a dim-witted show shall rule the world because HE promised never to send the Deluge again? Or, that Donald's disastrous political show ends in November, and the inhabitants of this planet can eventually take care of more important things again.
Image: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

The Pr?sident

We have heard Trump's first lie in office: "I Donald John Trump solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." When poor Donald realized he'd gotten away with it, he hasn't stopped lying since.
On the other hand, maybe for once, he did not lie and did the best of his ability. We all know the total mess he made.

The US secures world stock of key Covid-19 drug Remdesivir. “President Trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure Americans have access to the first authorized therapeutic for Covid-19,” said the US health and human services secretary, Alex Azar. [The Guardian]
Poor Donald, first, he depleted the world market of Hydroxychloroquine, now he is trying to save his head by buying all the drugs (like Remdesivir) on the market that someone said would cure Covid-19. To secure the entire supply for the US alone, Donald Trump also had tried takeovers of EU-based research firms (CureVac and possibly BioNTech), companies at the forefront of developing drugs and vaccines against the coronavirus. [The Conversation]

Good choice! Former vice president, Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, announced that he had selected Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate on 11 August 2020.

Showdown in the sky near Crimea. Two Russian Su-27 fighter jets intercepted an US B-52 bomber in unprofessional manner over the Black Sea. For the insanely fast Russian fighter planes the bomber was a sitting duck. The Russian jets literally danced on the nose of the B-52, their afterburner caused turbulences and restricted the bomber's ability to maneuver, says US European Command. Russia denied the incident. The Russian National Defense Control Center noted that the Russian planes acted in strict compliance with the international air law. [TASS] We belief, it was a warning from Vladimir to Donald not to overdo his show, otherwise he could lose his election, and nobody in the room wants that. Or - the Russian pilots just wanted to have a little fun - just kidding brat.

Trouble in paradise. The Japanese MV Wakashio, a 300 m (984 ft) long oil tanker, flying under a Panamanian flag, ran aground on a coral reef during a birthday party and spilled nearly 1,000 tonnes of fuel oil off the coast of Mauritius and ruined two uniquely protected biodiversity-rich marine ecosystems and the Blue Bay Marine Park reserve of the luxury holiday island. The effects of the MV Wakashio oil spill may last for decades.

Latin America
Amazon rainforest
Amazon rainforest
Image: Shao
Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest doubled. The 'cradle of biodiversity' represents over half of the planet's rainforests, and Brazil is responsible for more than half of the deforestation. [3]

The US offers a $15m (£12.5m) reward for information leading to Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro's arrest. [BBC]

The country's long-time leader Lukashenko won a Soviet-style election with more than 80% of the vote. The result has triggered sustained nationwide protests by the country's population. Belarus (White Russia) is known as the last authoritarian-led country in Europe.

Russia in (denial) overdrive
Doping in the race for a vaccine? Russia First! The undisputed leader of the country, Vlad, the vaccinator, has approved Gam-COVID-Vac, the world's first vaccine against COVID-19, and allegedly also had his daughter vaccinated with it.
The vaccine was developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow and tested in just 76 people. Great job. For more background information, go to Science Magazine.

Russia denies paying Afghan militants to kill US troops. [BBC] But perhaps it was a late retaliation for the fact that in late 1979 and during the 1980s, the US launched a multi-billion dollar project in support of the anti-Communist Muslim Afghan rebels, the Mujahedin, to drive Soviet troops out of Afghanistan. [4][5]
President Trump's reaction to the Russian bounty program: zero, he denied having been informed on the intelligence. But reports say the president received a written briefing earlier this year. We don't know what Putin holds over Trump's head, but it must be significant.
Russia also denies Russian meddling in the UK's 2016 referendum (Brexit). [BBC]
Russia has also long denied that Russian troops were stationed in Crimea. [NPR] [RFE/RL]
Russia also denies having poisoned the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny with the nerve gas Novichok. [BBC]

African Children
African Children
Image: Tadekwiki
East Africa
Millions of children miss school due to war, drought, and the pandemic in East Africa. [6]

Middle East
Donald Trump's Middle East proposal is a bad joke.

European Union
Divorced, Britain left the EU after 47 years of partnership, half the population regrets it.

World map of countries with COVID-19 cases
Map of countries with confirmed COVID-19 cases.
Image: nationsonline.org

The number of cases is frightening, but it might get much worse; only 0.01% of the world's population is affected by COVID-19 today. The virus only took three months to conquer the whole world (April 2020).

 No-UPDATE  - (lack of reliable data)
According to Johns Hopkins University, the worldwide number of confirmed cases is now 26 million plus.
See a map of the world with all countries with confirmed cases and more information about the virus outbreak (from April 2020).

Global Travel Warnings. Many countries have initiated or strengthened border controls, introduced visas, and quarantine obligations or closed borders completely.

The meaning behind the words

Liberal - Origin from the French libéral < Latin liberalis = liberal; bountiful; noble, to: liber = free
translate to enlightened; free-thinking; free-spirited; tolerant; liberal; unprejudiced; unbiased; and informal.

Democratic - based on the principles of democracy, acting according to the principles of democracy; striving for democracy; liberal, and non-authoritarian. Origin from Greek dēmokratía = People's power, a system of government by the whole population.

Radical - relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Origin from late Middle English (in the senses 'forming the root': from late Latin radicalis, from Latin radix, radic- 'root.'
As such, a radical democrat is someone striving thorough for democracy.

Progressive - relating to, or characterized by progress.
Synonyms are avant-garde; emancipated; developed; progressive; moving with the times; modern; trend-setting; groundbreaking; contemporary. Origin from French progressive, to: progrès = the progression < Latin progressus =progress, progression

Headlines and other nonsense

Headlines we really don't need
Wealthy flock to private jets as pandemic spreads and airlines tank.

Mask smugglers caught near the Cambodian border.

Trump Says Administration Will Try Again to End 'Dreamers' Program.

Corona ads


The advertising we really don't need
Beat the virus with these local cruise bargains.

Inspirational Quote of the Week
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.
Mark Twain

The advice of the time
Trust no one without a mask.

99+ of the world's most amazing countries

Check out the top up-and-coming travel destinations for 2020.

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Benin Tata somba village


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